For April Fool's Day this year we saw lots of pranks all over the internet. Whether it was friends saying they were married, having kids, or just about anything else you could think of. The best pranks this year seemed to come from big companies, here is a rundown of the best for 2015.

- Microsoft pranked people yesterday by releasing Office 2016 for Cats.

- IKEA pranked people with Ikea KAT, the world’s “first cat-proof sofa' made of corrugated cardboard

- Domino’s Pizza pranked people by offering driverless pizza delivery

- Pizza Hut pranked people by offering pepperoni beer

- Reebok pranked people by offering Swet perfume

- HTC pranked people by offering Smart Socks. Alerts are sent went socks are lost

- Sunlife offered beard insurance

- Honda pranked people yesterday with a new Selfie car. The HR-V Selfie Edition is equipped with 10 hidden cameras

All of those were pretty good pranks, here are even more pranks