Ravalli County Treasurer Valerie Stamey has been struggling to put her office together after three staffers left, stating she could not do the job. However, Commissioner Suzy Foss said Stamey is on the right track.

"The people who trained her on the computer system and the people who are working with her now have said she is doing a good job," Foss said. "She's had a lot of hurdles and a lot of issues within the department, so the transition has not been a smooth one. We've had three treasurers in three years and two of them left here under a certain amount of stress, but I do think we have someone that we can depend on day to day now in that department. Her personal issues will have to be dealt with during her lunch hour or after work."

Foss said on Thursday, January 16, that she could not address the story that broke early today regarding possible financial problems from a situation in South Carolina, reported by our news partners at NBC Montana/KECI-TV.

Foss said the media have been hounding Stamey and her staff for the past several days regarding the issues that have arisen recently.

"We had the press chasing her (Stamey) and her staff down the street yesterday when they were trying to go home," Foss said. "I understand that the press has a job to do, but I don't like it when it's a feeding frenzy."

Foss did say, that Stamey has made the treasurer's office her own, with new staff to help her.

"This is her department to sink or swim, " Foss said. "If she is unable to meet the guidelines which I personally think we should set up with her, then at that time the board of commissioners would have to sit down and have a discussion with her. She has had conversations with our chair, and feels that is more than reasonable."

Ravalli County Commissioner Suzie Foss