It's no secret that Missoulians LOVE their bicycles. I mean we're spending a couple of million dollars on a bike bridge (which looks awesome btw).

According to the Missoulian, the Rattlesnake will most likely get a much needed bike jump park later next year! This new park will replace what the locals called the Tamarack Jumps.

Missoula Parks and Recreations has major plans for Syringa Park aka Tamarack Jumps. These plans include a pump track, jumpline, slopestyle features and a bunch of other cool stuff that off-road mountain and BMX bikers with lose their minds over!

Unfortunately my totally fabulous electric purple one-speed Electrica beach cruiser will not make the cut in a park like this! But all in all this is a super exciting development for the kids and tricksters in the Rattlesnake area. It's long overdue!

For more information, check out the full article HERE!

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