Was anyone else shocked and horrified by Brian’s death in the most recent episode of Family Guy? I can’t seriously believe the writers killed him off. What were they thinking?

Although he usually wasn’t the funniest character, he was often the voice of reason and that made him loveable.

His close friendship with Stewie (the football headed baby) was witty and extremely childish at the same time. They spent most of their time with each other, and got into quite a bit of trouble together.

I’m not a huge fan of the new dog, Vinnie. He sounds like a mobster. I really don’t like how quickly the Griffins replaced Brian, and the fact that everyone in the family loves him right off the bat, that is except for Stewie.

Really, Vinnie is going to replace the beloved family dog? He’s not even a puppy. I could see the family falling in love with a cute adorable puppy, but an old dog, no.

Have you been around an old dog? They have habits that you just can’t break. They can’t hear or see you anymore, and even if they could, they don’t care to listen. They make mistakes in the house, much like puppies do, but when puppies do it it’s cute and when an old dog does it it’s sad.

They can’t possibly replace one old dog with another old dog, especially when the first dog was so well loved and a true member of the family.

I have a feeling this will end much like the episode in which Stewie kills Lois. It will all be a dream. Let’s hope so anyways, because if it turns out to be real, that would be a nightmare for every Family Guy fan.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.