Ryan Silsby went camping in the woods outside Hamilton more than two weeks ago and hasn't been seen since. Ryan is a 25-year-old from Missoula.

A more recent photo of a bearded Ryan Silsby, courtesy of his father.

Law enforcement, a dog team, friends and family are currently scouring the Blodgett Canyon area after his family reported him missing this past Tuesday (September 2).

Ryan's vehicle was found at the trailhead but his backpack and cell phone have not been located.

Searchers are now asking for help from the public.

For search volunteers, the team is asking for folks to carpool in from Hamilton and have the following advice:

  • When you arrive at the campground, please use the first gravel parking lot on the left BEFORE the bridge. It is imperative that all volunteer searchers check in with a SAR coordinator PRIOR to hiking any trails. They want to know who is out there, they want to let YOU know what they have already thoroughly searched.
  • Do NOT hike alone. DO bring bear spray!
  • URGENT NEED: Healthy, active, in shape volunteer searchers to hit trails and take grid assignments once we get to that point to do a full grid search of several key areas. The terrain is rough, lots of boulders and scree, so it is imperative that you know your abilities. Check in with Incident Command upon arrival at Blodgett Campgrounds and also call Ravalli County Sheriff’s office at 406.363.3033. The campground is hosting all active searchers at no charge.
  • Also need: wall tents (inclement weather in forecast) and generators to charge radios, cell phones, etc.
  •  Photographers with LONG lenses. We need high resolution (RAW) images of the canyon walls to search. We will be shooting from several different locations, some of which may take us across rugged terrain and up high elevations. The possibility still may exist to send someone up to take high resolution aerials from an aircraft should we not get a drone to do it.