As the holiday break draws to an end for Missoula County Public School District #1 students, kids are holding out hope for a couple of extra days off due to extremely cold weather.

With 5 more inches of snow expected for Western Montana on New Year's Day, in addition to a forecast of temperatures down to 20 below zero, it's understandable that kids would pray for a snow day.

MCPS superintendent Mark Thane was out this week, however I did speak with a representative from his office who explained that extra days off are not likely. She said that a decision to call school off will not be made until the morning that students are scheduled to return to school, on Tuesday, January 3rd. At that time, school officials and Beach Transportation will decide if the weather is making it unsafe for school buses to run.

I asked if the temperature itself was ever cause for school closures and she said unless the heat is out, school will not be cancelled. The only time this has happened in recent memory was a few years ago when the boiler went out at Rattlesnake school causing a closure.

If you're worried about your little ones having to brave the weather during recess, Missoula schools typically keep the kids inside during extreme temperatures and wind chills.

So students, enjoy your days off, sounds like school will be in session again on Tuesday. Look on the bright side, going out in the cold weather will be a great excuse to wear that new scarf your grandma crocheted you!