One of the more well-known Missoula rock bands, High Voltage is on a quest for a female vocalist. Their current singer has moved on, so now their search begins for the next local star.

According to their Facebook update:

We are looking for someone who is experienced, dedicated, and passionate about creating original music. The sound we are going for is a little different - male rap and female singing over a rock base. We are looking to write more music in the vein of the song, Wide Awake, which can be heard here: 

We have a PA and mics set up, so let's schedule an audition and get things rolling. We just released our first CD, and are ready to focus our sound. We are looking for someone in their 20's, so that they can relate to the rest of the band.

High Voltage has performed at many major events all over the city and is gaining a great reputation. This might be your break! Just don't forget us little people when you make it big.