Actually, according to Missoula Police Department Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, every season is vehicle break-in season. 

"Actually, there is no specific season for car break-ins, they happen year round," Welsh said. "However, with the warmer weather we do get longer daylight hours and the warmer temperatures do extend longer into the evening and so people are out later and later. That includes those who would want to deprive people of their property."

Welsh said car break-ins are occurring in all areas of the city.

"We are encouraging people to take their valuables inside with them, or lock them in the trunk," he said. "Don't provide an opportunity for someone who would take your property. In other words, don't leave your vehicles unlocked and don't leave valuables inside. If you can't park inside the garage, park out in the open so it's more difficult for thieves to have access to your vehicle."

Welsh also reminds drivers to use extra care as the weather warms up to never leave children or pets inside a hot vehicle.

A news story on Tuesday featured a woman whose SUV was stolen in the parking lot of a hardware store in Billings, with a three year-old child in the back seat. Luckily, the child was unhurt.