Missoula Police are investigating an incident where shots were fired inside the city limits early Saturday morning.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said the shots were fired near the intersection of Russell and Fairview streets.

"Missoula officers responded to a report of shots having been fired in the 1500 block of Fairview, just off of Russell," Welsh said. "When they arrived, they found that the people involved had apparently left the scene. The officers were able to recover some evidence and spoke to witnesses and gathered information as to what had occurred."

Welsh said witnesses reported hearing shots fired.

"Some said they heard shots fired, while others said they saw muzzle flashes, and then several vehicles were reported leaving the scene rapidly," he said. "Officers recovered some spent shell casings, but whether they are from a handgun or a rifle has not yet been made public."

Welsh said authorities are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the incident.

"We're asking anyone with information to contact Detective Bob Franke at 552-6643 or Five valley Crimestoppers at 721-44-44," he said. "