A long time listener reached out to us to tell us about a fun event he is holding at the Dennison Theatre at the University of Montana. It is Tim Ryan Rouillier's "Play Me Montana, A Symphonic Memoir." This will be a collection of songs being performed by the Missoula Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gordon Johnson.

Tim Ryan Rouillier's "Play Me Montana" is a symphony memoir of the epic tale of a young boy and his Salish Indian Grandfather sharing their musical journey from the Flathead Indian Reservation all the way to Nashville and world-wide stardom on CBS Records. A Masterpiece of wisdom passed down through the circle of life until the unbelievable ending.

The event will take place Saturday, June 17, 2017 starting at 7:00pm. Tickets are available by phone at 888-MONTANA or 406-243-4051 and if you want to purchase tickets online you can do that here.

Photo courtesy of Tim Ryan Rouillier

    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!