A flurry of status updates on Facebook in the Montana area pointed towards the possibility that pop/punk princess P!nk was in the area this last Tuesday.

Rumors first began to spread that the "Just Give Me a Reason" singer was spotted at an Outback Steakhouse in Missoula.

Then others began to chime in with other local area sightings...

We did some digging on social media just to see if perhaps she may have dropped a clue on her whereabouts...

According to her tour page there isn't a show scheduled near the area, let alone any concerts at all for the foreseeable future.

Her Instagram account had been taken down a few months ago, and her Twitter and Facebook showed no signs of activity in a few days. Which leads us to speculate that if a celeb REALLY wanted to go 'off the grid' the most logical choice would be to flee to Montana!

Still, why would P!nk choose to eat at a restaurant chain? You'd think she'd want to take in some of the local delicacies?

Either way, over to you...

Did you spot P!nk in Montana this week? Share your celeb sightings in the comments below.

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