Patagonia wants to make sure the world gets a little Christmas gift too.

The company announced that this year they will be donating 100 percent of Black Friday sales, both in their stores and online, to grassroots organizations working in local communities to help protect our environment. On a regular basis, Patagonia donates 1 percent of their earnings to programs like these which to date, totals to about $74 million.

How cool is that?!

Patagonia already highlights local organizations on their website and they are a primary source to go to if you are looking to get involved with conservation efforts in your community.

Patagonia is doing its best to help in the efforts to conserve and protect as many of the earths natural resources as they can. Their clothing is always really well made and it sure keeps you toasty warm during the winter! For more information on Patagonia and what they stand for and shop their NEW winter clothing click HERE!