The Super Bowl is by far the most viewed sporting event each and every year, this we all know. And while it's one thing to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home on your 32," or maybe even 52," plasma, we wonder if that is still doing the big game enough justice? This is why we want to know...

"Who has the largest screen in all of Missoula?"

Now before you rush off and say "Oooh! Oooh! The Big D at the Carmike!," we must unfortunately  report that, as far as we've heard, the Missoula Carmike will not be airing the Super Bowl (although it seems that some of their theaters have in the past). But that's still not exactly what I'm aiming for with this poll.

Zoo FM is curious to know who personally has the largest TV, or perhaps even the biggest projection screen, for the big game this weekend?

Maybe you own one of those new Panasonic 152" screens and want to brag about it! Or perhaps you have one of the largest living room walls that gives you enough room to project the largest display so your friends can have the feeling that they are right there in the middle of the action. Or just maybe you've heard rumors of some monstrous television at a house buried deep in the South Hills neighborhood in Missoula. Somehow, some way with your help, we hope to locate the biggest screen in town.

Sound off in the comment section below. Also, please leave home addresses out of your remarks so not everyone crashes their party, or worse still, someone goes by and snatches it.