During my radio show we asked that you send us the funniest/original/thought provoking text messages convincing us why you deserve tickets to the sold out Macklemore show. We shared many of these on the air, but if you missed out, here are some of my favorites.

  • I deserve Macklemore tickets. I am 20% Chippewa Cree Native American and if you don't give them to me, it's a hate crime.
  • I am an eastern Montanan who hates drinking beer or eating red meat. I clearly grew up where I didn't belong, and now I am in western Montana where the tofu thrives and the coconut water flows from the realms of the good food store. Let me embrace my new life even more through the celebration of mr thrift shop himself... I mean I deserve the "same love" as others.
  • My name is Felix and I don't wanna say I deserve them but Macklemore made me feel ok about being myself and loving who I love even if the person I love happens to be another guy. I felt really uncomfortable about the fact I found men more attractive then girls and had my troubles. But his song "Same Love" ft. Ryan Lewis helped pull me out of it. After them I started finding more influences in the music industry and it changed me and helped me grow. So overall, I can't say I deserve one but I'd love a chance to go see the person who helped change my life and take the man I fell in love with too.
  • I wanted to see Macklemore but I had an "unplanned mixtape" that led me through the "town" to the "other side". We crossed that "thin line" until finally I saw the "church" "neon cathedral" "and we danced", it felt like it had been "ten thousand hours" in my "cowboy boots". So I put on my "wings", "starting over", because they "can't hold us". Feeling "a wake" we rolled in our "white walls" over to the "thrift shop" to find some second hand "gold", I had worked like "jimmy lovine" to "make that money", now it was time to spend it and share the love, the "same love". To finally get tix would make me happy as an "Irish celebration" so let the drumroll begin - "bombom"
  • My 10-year-old son came home singing thrift shop one day. When I asked about it He said he and his friend made it up. So for the next two weeks I proceeded to tell all my friends about how talented my son was ...a borderline lyrical genius. I would have him sing it for them and being the "good" friends they were...not one of them wanted to burst my bubble. They would just smile and agree with how impressive it was! So of course one day we're on our way to school and the song comes on the radio. I look over at him and with a sly smirk on his face and he exclaims "OMG mom, this dude stole my song!!"
  • This is a show that my daughter has been wanting to go to since she heard about it. I love music and so does she. It would be wonderful to take her to a show that isn't about all negative things. As a DJ, I'm sure you understand Taylor. This would be daddy of the year points in her eyes and the only way I would be able to take her.
  • Cuz I thriftstore throwdown on fly old vision Street wear fannypacks with swatch watches & make Aaron Tallest Traylor wear'em with me like we tall twinzies! Wrd up! HaHa!
  • With a mustache like mine why wouldn't you let it see Macklemore?
  • Hi Aaron! My name is Sayyidah. I believe I would be all so grateful to win the Macklemore tickets bc this year has been a tough, long, journey full of lesson. I became a single mom busting my butt through law school and support my 9 month old son on my own. My friends says I deserve these ticket and Winning this would be a way to support my hard work and accomplishments!

I love these! Each and every one of them. Thanks so much for the awesome participation. Think you can do better? Text 406-233-9661 and you still might have a chance to get hooked up before the big show. Also, here's another chance to win online.