I have always admired the creativity of the locally owned Orange Street Food Farm. It is your neighborhood grocery store that goes the extra mile to compete with big box stores. Recently, Orange Street Food Farm has gained national attention for their creative "soda box designs." While scrolling through recent news on abcnews.com, I came across a picture that looked very familiar. Mario and Luigi made entirely out of soda boxes.

According to Avianne Tan of ABC News

A giant "Super Mario Bros"-themed window display is turning heads at a local grocery store in Missoula, Montana.

The massive installation, about 20-feet-long and 15-feet-high, features a giant Mario, Luigi and Toadstool made entirely from 12-pack boxes of Coca-Cola sodas, according to Austin Hughes, a floor manager at the Orange Street Farm Food market.

A shopper took a picture of the display and posted in on Reddit. It soon went viral and gathered almost 2 million views.

But, that is not it, as OSFF has also put up stunning displays that pay homage to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Batman vs. Superman."



orange street food farm
orange street food farm