It's a fact. If you haven't trekked up to the top of Mount Sentinel to soak up the beauty of Missoula's scenery, then you really aren't a Missoulian. Hiking the "M" is just one of those local initiations you must experience to be considered one of us, not unlike attending the Testicle Festival or chugging a frosty PBR on Dead Hipster night.

However, if you simply cannot endure the numerous switchbacks and grueling steep terrain for whatever reason, at least now you can live vicariously through local adventure seeker, Jason Brown. This adrenaline junkie has made a vow to "document his many, many trips to the 'M' in 2013." via. his newly formed Facebook fan page.

His first entry reads:


We imagine that if we visit his page often we will likely be greeted with photos, weather updates, and random points of view from this brave and energetic hiker. We wish Jason the best in his journeys and look forward to seeing our beautiful city from his vantage point in the new year.