When you sit down waiting for your flight to take off everyone loves to look though the Skymall catalog. So many ridiculous items that you never knew that you needed.  Unfortunately for all all airplane travelers the company that owns Skymall magazine has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This leaves a huge whole in my heart. How else am I going to find a $2,000 fake dinosaur to put in my backyard down in Lolo? Or what about a Seabreacher Customized Boat for $85,000? Maybe these items are the exact reason the high altitude shopping mall is filing for Chapter 11. I have to say the most incredible item I have found from Skymall is the, Wine Glass holder Necklace. It costs $29.95 and serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

Photo courtesy of gadling.com

Even though the items were so far fetched I will miss the Skymall catalogs. I guess all flights everywhere just got a few minutes longer now that our favorite catalogs will not longer be available.