So, what did you do over the St. Patty's Day weekend? Word is, President O'bama (that's my way of giving his name a little Irish twist) spent his St. Patrick's Day like many Americans -- having a pint of Guinness at a pub.

Obama and his motorcade visited Dubliner Restaurant and Pub on Saturday. The president, making sure to avoid pinching, sported a green jacket with a pin that read, "VIP GUEST -- Tell 'em Danny sent you." While at the pub, Obama sipped a Guinness and later cradled Dubliner owner Danny Coleman's 21-month-old grandson, Danny, in his arms. Some fellow bar visitors chanted, "Four more years!"

(Source: AP)

President Obama visited a pub on St. Patrick's Day and had a Guinness. Do you think that's a proper presidential activity? How did you spend your St. Patrick's Day? Reply below and you could score a $20 Gift Card from our friends at Red Robbin!