We are getting stoked for the arrival of Nitro Circus this Spring in Missoula, Montana. Nitro Circus will be an extreme sports display like nothing we have ever seen, May 13th at Ogren Park/Allegiance Field. CEO of Nitro Circus LIVE and founder of Global Action Sports, Michael Porra, called us today to discuss what we can expect from the upcoming performance.

According to Mike's official Bio

The Australian native is passionate about extreme sports and in particular surfing; you can find him catching waves off the California coastline daily or with the family’s tow-in surfing team that he started with son Braden. The big wave surfer was Australia’s 15-time championship gold medalist and five-time world board-paddling champion among many other accomplishments.

In 2009, Porra pitched the concept of a live theatrical show to the creators of the global MTV series smash hit, Nitro Circus. Nitro Circus Live debuted in Australia and smashed all previous action sports tour records with more than 300,000 tickets sold in a 12-month period. Today, Nitro Circus Live features more than 50 of the world’s best action sports athletes and a crew of more than 125-people strong hauling 16 trucks worth of equipment around the world to sold out audiences on five continents