Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint Tour almost didn't happen. After a member of her road crew was killed as a result of a fatal stabbing in Philadelphia last month, the rapper has revealed that she strongly considered canceling the tour altogether.

"I don’t think people understand how fast-paced this business is," the U.K.'s Metro. "You never get a chance sometimes to do what normal people do, like mourn a loss. Everything happens so fast."

The stabbing took place on Feb. 18 outside Che Bar & Grill in Philadelphia. A fight involving two of her crew members -- 29-year-old De’Von “Day Day” Pickett and 27-year-old Eric Parker -- and Pierce Boykin reportedly started inside the restaurant and spilled out into the street. Pickett and Parker were then stabbed by Boykin. Parker survived while Pickett died the following day from multiple stab wounds to his torso.

Boykin, 31, was arrested on March 3 and charged with murder. He also faces other charges due to his alleged involvement in the incident.

Minaj said that Pickett "was a part of my crew, and it is devastating to think someone can work somewhere, make a living and then lose their life for absolutely nothing."

She added that everyone on the tour took it really hard. "My band members took it very hard," she said. "They were with him all the time and toured with him for years. When I came to rehearsal after he had been killed, the look on everyone’s face – it was heart-wrenching."

Despite the sorrow, Minaj has decided to continue on with the tour in order to pay tribute to Pickett and show that Boykin can't win in this.

"I can’t let anything stop us from putting on the show because that would be quitting," she said. "So we’re going to continue the tour in his memory."

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