The Missoula County Sheriff's Office is eagerly anticipating a wardrobe change, with new uniforms and, more importantly, more comfortable ways to carry their safety and security gear.

Undersheriff Jason Johnson told KGVO News that one news story that has already been published, that shows an officer dressed in traditional SWAT gear, is leaving the impression that the new uniforms may make the department seem more militaristic than the actual uniforms, which have not yet been released.

Johnson described the new look coming soon to the department.

"It keeps the uniform look, and is still very professional," Johnson said. "The pants are still a tan color, but the manufacturer won't be making those anymore. So the pants will still be tan with a black top with our gold patches that will stay the same. They'll really stand out and look nice on a black shirt."

Johnson said one of the changes will be how deputies will be carrying all the equipment that need to do their jobs on a daily basis.

"We're looking at external carriers to displace some of that heavy equipment off the belt and onto a carrier, so it will help with some back problems that we can see in deputies. Some of the equipment we carry every day includes a pistol, of course with bullets in it, there are several magazine with bullets in them, there's a radio, two sets of handcuffs, a Tazer, and sometimes even pepper spray. I try to tell people to imagine tying a five-pound bag of sugar around their waist and carrying it all day, every day."

Johnson also addressed an issue brought up during the recent election, about some equipment that was no longer safe and effective for deputies.

"Tazers and body cameras are two things that Sheriff McDermott took care of right away after he took office," Johnson said. "That equipment has been purchased and is being distributed right now."

Johnson was unable to provide a photo of the new uniforms, as they had not yet been officially approved by the employee's association.