Several agencies are battling a new fire reported this morning near the location of the 2011 West Riverside fire. Cindy Super, fire information officer with the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, says the fire is a little more than an acre in size, but is attracting a lot of attention.

"They've got a helicopter that's on scene," Super said. "They've got engines from DNRC, they have some folks from Missoula Rural Fire, and i believe they've ordered some equipment from the Clinton Fire Department as well."

Super said, like in 2011, one of the biggest problems in getting resources to the fire is the amount of people who stop their vehicles along the interstate to watch.

"The biggest challenge we have when they're close to the interstate like this is that people want to gawk," she said. "People pull over and all that does is delay the response when we're trying to get engines in there. It sounds like they'll probably be using the river for a dip-site, so they ordered some law enforcement to help keep people out of the way. They're not closing the river per se, but they just want to keep people safe."

Cindy Super with DNRC