Okay I am first to admit that ever since I moved back to Missoula, I am the friend who is ALWAYS cold. But to be fair I am a native Californian and my mother gets cold in 75 degree weather.

My friend Sabrina gave me some pretty epic gift ideas! I wish I would have known about some of these gifts BEFORE I made my Christmas list this year. I might have to make a couple last minute purchases... for myself!


#9 Heated Pillow & Massager All In One

#8 Who knew they even made heated mouses! 


#7 This heated scarf looks real nice! #GimmeGimme

#6 Heated Yeti slippers anyone?!

#5 Heated insoles seems a tad excessive.. But hey you never know unless you try!


#4 Heated shawls are both stylish (sometimes) and practical! 

#3 I definitely need to make this purchase! I mean a donut coffee warmer?! Genius!

#2 A USB heated cup! #Goals

#1 The perfect gift for the always cold DJ in your life! Haha