National gas prices continue to rise. However, there is some good news for motorists driving in Montana.

"Prices in Montana have increased ever so slightly in the last week, rising just about a penny per gallon, which thankfully is not a whole lot compared to the increase in the national average, which rose almost 12 cents per gallon in the last week alone," said Senior Petroleum Annalist for Patrick DeHaan. "So Montana motorists should be thankful that price only went up a penny."

While motorist in Montana have not experienced as high of gas prices as the rest of the country, it is likely that there will be increases soon.

"It does appear for the immediate future, in the next week or two, that we could continue to see prices rising across not only Montana, but the rest on the country," DeHaan said.  "Oil prices remain near their peak from about four days ago. They are still close to their highest level in over a year so unfortunately, nationally the average for a gallon of gas will increase to about $3.70 a gallon."

In the next few weeks, Montana gas prices are expected to be around $3.65, which will be about 5 cents lower then the national average.