I will admit now that I am older that my parents were brilliant when it came to hiding presents before Christmas. To be honest they didn't hide anything at all. I was the youngest of five kids and we all thought we were so good at guessing what we got for Christmas. And on somethings we were, like socks from grandparents, and a shoe box is always easy to recognize. But as my siblings and I got a little older and before my parents split up they had a genius idea!

They would wrap and put all the presents under the tree but no gifts had names on them, they only had numbers. On Christmas morning our parents would reveal which number belonged to which child and then we could open our gifts. This also made it impossible for us to open a gift on Christmas Eve, no matter how much we begged for just one gift.

I guess this is just another time in life that I realize my parents were a lot more intelligent that I gave them credit for. I'm so lucky to have good parents that always worked really hard to have a great Christmas for me and all my siblings.


    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!