I love my two dogs Koda and Gypsy so much, but they can be a handful too. My wife and I adopted Koda (Flat Coat Retriever) our second day in Montana and he has been challenging at times, especially with his barking but lately he has been behaving great. Just a few weeks ago we rescued Gypsy (Boxer) and she is so loving but we are quickly learning she has some behavior issues to work through.

She hasn't shown us before yesterday that she chews things when we are at work. Unfortunately I lost one of my favorite Seattle Seahawks hats. Will I miss the hat yes, but not the biggest loss ever.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

I remember as a kid we had two puppies and they had to stay in one room while no one was home and they destroyed hundreds of dollars in carpet and padding. What is the most expensive thing your animal has ever destroyed of yours?