Stop trying to teach people how to Dougie! The new dance sensation that's sweeping the nation is literally dead on arrival.

Who remembers the classic comedy "Weekend at Bernie's"? For those that don't recall it was a cheesy 80's flick about two guys who try to pretend that their dead boss is still alive taking him out into public and propping him up to look like he's still breathing. Of course, hilarity ensues. And so will be the case on a dance floor near you.

According to the Urban Dictionary "Doing The Bernie" is:

A new dance growing popular in the south. To move it like Bernie requires little to no skill. Just wiggle, flail and sway your arms around in an attempt to look like the dead guy from the movie.

Here's an example:

Will you be practicing this new move in the mirror before you paint the town this weekend? Sound off in the comments below.