The question as to whether or not the public will be allowed access to the valuation being used in the Mountain Water case is the subject of several motions by a community group and the city of Missoula.

Attorney for Advocates for Missoula's Future, Quentin Rhoades, submitted a response to Judge Karen Townsend stating that the valuation information should be released to his clients, and therefore to the public.

"The City responded to our motion, not on the substance of the matter, but said Advocates For Missoula's Future don't have a right to know because they don't have an interest in the lawsuit," Rhoades said. "It's out position that the right to know belongs to the public."

Rhoades pointed to a statement by Judge Townsend made in December, 2014.

"This litigation is an important public issue, " he quoted. "The court does not find it necessary or appropriate to order a 'bright line' rule regarding what parties may or may not say. The representation by the city that there has been some sort of order sealing the information is simply not an accurate representation of the record."

Rhoades speculates that, if Judge Townsend remains consistent with her previous statements, the matter should be resolved in favor of his clients, and the valuation information be made public.

The final decision rests with Missoula District Judge Karen Townsend.