What are those things you should know about your partner before marriage? The new relationship app 'Whisperer' says there are eight different things people wish they knew before getting married. I don't think there is anything on this list that is abnormal. The list consists of the following:

-Whether you want kids or not (Very important)

-If they have a low sex drive

-If they have any secret kids (Again, very important)

-Any bad habits like frequent gas

-Any horrible bathroom habits

-How romantic they are

-If they are addicted to video games

-What they are allergic too

As a married guy, I don't feel like these are questions you should ever have to question after walking down the isle. When I got married I had confidence in knowing that I would be going through the rest of life with my best friend and there is no one else on earth I would rather be with. If you even have the slightest doubt, you need to talk to your partner before things progress any further. And don't be afraid to have the difficult conversations, or ask hard questions.

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