Three Missoula fire engines and a ladder truck were called out to a garage fire in the 1500 block of west central this morning, April 24 at around 7:17 a.m.

One of the people in the home had to be evacuated and suffered a small amount of smoke inhalation, but there were no major injuries and the fire was contained to the garage because of quick work by first responders. Total damages are estimated to be about $2,500.

The cause of the fire has not been released, but the fire department did send out this public information statement along with its press release:

Every year there are about 7,500 smoking-related home fires and remains a leading cause of home fire deaths. 76% of smoking–related home fires happen when smoking materials, like cigarettes, are not put out properly. The safest place to smoke is outside the home, use a sturdy ashtray or a can filled with sand to collect hot ashes and put the cigarette completely out every time. Avoid using potting soils or landscaping mulch to discard smoking materials,as this can readily ignite and cause a fire.