We learned two interesting tidbits about the state of Montana over the weekend. One has to do with our favorite song to play on 4th of July. The other was that Montana isn't as patriotic as we thought...wait, what?

Music streaming service Spotify published a list of the most patriotic states based on the music people played on 4th of July. It turns out TEXAS streamed the most patriotic songs that any other state in America. Interesting, since we were just last week touting about how patriotic Montana is and how we were higher up on this list than Texas.

The top 5 are as follows: Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin, and Utah.  Vermont came in last, followed by West Virginia, South Dakota, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Montana took over the 42nd spot in the 'least patriotic'.

When it comes to the songs, "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen was the most streamed 4th of July song in Montana state.

The most popular song in Alaska, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, South Dakota, and West Virginia was "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line... and "We Are Young" by Fun was number one in Nevada.