If you're from Montana, you've been asked if you ride horses to school. Maybe you've even been asked if we have electricity. But there are some stereotypes, just like these, that need to be acknowledged.

Although we may not be all too up-to-date on the current trends or slang, Montana isn't too far off the grid like some people think.

I can assure you that we don't marry our cousins, we aren't all addicted to meth, and there are definitely more than 10 people in the entire state.

Urban Dictionary

A Montana Stereotypes Twitter page gave a few other hilarious examples.

My closet consists of wife-beaters and cowboy boots.

Well, you can't win 'em all.

Montana is part of Canada, right? Yes, yes it is.

If I had a quarter for the number of times I've heard that...

Although Montana is as north as you can go without hitting Canada, we all have very deep, southern-sounding accents.

I will admit, I wish I knew more people with a southern accent *melting*.

The #1 winner of my favorite Montana stereotype from the page (that t I don't actually think should be ruled as inaccurate) is...

Anyone who lives in Montana is a badass.

Was true, is true, and will forever be true. Montana 4 Lyfe.