When people in Big Sky country fired up their internet browsers in 2014, what did they search for the most on Google? We have the full break down of what you and your Montana neighbors were inquiring about this year. 

It seems that Montana was searching Iggy Azalea more than anything else, this according to the latest local Google Insights report. That, plus Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Robin Williams.

Here's a rundown on the most searched terms in Montana over the past year.

Web Search Interests


Image Searches

funny memes +160%
jennifer lawrence +100%
nicki minaj +70%
memes +60%
drawings +40%
meme +40%


News Searches

election results 2014 Breakout
montana election results Breakout
philip seymour hoffman Breakout
election results +450%
matthew mcconaughey +250%
weatherbug +70%
polson high school +50%
dow jones +40%
ellen degeneres +40%


Do any of these results surprise you? What do you search for on your computer during your free time? Share your searches and comments in the section below.