State Farm recently released the odds of driving into a deer in every state in the country. The good news:  If you're driving through Hawaii, it's not gonna happen.  The bad news:  If you're driving around Montana, West Virginia, or Michigan there's a shockingly high chance it might.

Montana is one of the states with the worst deer collision odds in the country:  Drivers in the Big Sky County have a one-in-85 chance of hitting a deer. You read that right. One in EIGHTY-FIVE. Still, not as bad as Michigan who has odds of one in 42. In comparison, Hawaii has the best odds, at one in 13,011.

Most of the low-risk states are in the west, where deer are much less common.  After Hawaii, Arizona has the second-lowest odds, at one in 1,788.

Nevada has the third-lowest odds, at one in 1,488.  California has the fourth-lowest, at one in 1,046.  And Florida has the fifth-lowest, at one in 971.

Overall, across the entire country, the average odds you'll get in your car and hit a deer this fall are about one in 183.

The average cost when a car hits a deer is $3,013.  (And one very lonely Bambi.)