At last weekend's Hot Rod Lewie's Rod Run in Clinton, Montana, nine local gals strutted their sassy styles on stage to earn the crown of Miss Classy Chassis 2014.

The event, hosted by the Cigarette Girls Burlesque, put the Montana models through two rounds of judging while being graded for their wardrobe choices and how well they answered the questions that were asked on stage.

The winner? Contestant #6 (seen below)...Bambi Erving aka. Miss Montana Dear from Missoula, Montana

Montana Dear says:

First, I just want to thank everyone who came out this last weekend to cheer all of us girls on- it is nerve-wracking to get up there, but a good crowd really helps out! Montana Dear is a name I choose due to my absolute love of my home state, and a play on words with my name (Bambi= Deer, which sounds like Dear), and is totally perfect for me. I have always been into classic cars, and old things. I have a record collection of roughly 1000 vinyl aging from 1940s-1980s music. I will own (hopefully) a 1963 Chevy II Nova, which will more than likely get me in trouble for speeding. I live in Missoula in a gorgeous old apartment building and like to fish and paint in my spare time.

Congratulations to all the ladies that participated, they all did a fantastic job during the show. Each had such a unique style and fierce attitude! Fast forward to around the 10:25 mark to get acquainted with newly crowned pin-up queen, or sit back and enjoy the full 2nd round of the contest by pushing play below.