The website Buzzfeed published its ranking of the SEXIEST states in America, and according to its findings, Montana is not one of those places. Yup, I guess the state with the most spacious living environments and down-to-earth residents is considered one of the LEAST sexy. 

This research studied every state on the most SUPERFICIAL categories of sexiness. For example, the states with the most Miss Americas, the sexiest men alive according to "People" magazine, and playmates from "Playboy" magazine from each area. Also, other things were looked at of more substance, like school grades and take home pay.

They also dove into researching PRACTICAL sexiness, like the size of male packages, sexually transmitted disease rates, and how many babies were born in each state.

With all of that combined, the sexiest states in America are: Hawaii, New York, California, Virginia, and Illinois, respectively.  The five least sexy states are: West Virginia (No. 50), Kentucky, Maine, Iowa, and Montana (No. 46).