What is it about colder climates that make people want to drink alcohol? And as a result, makes people build bars to assist in people's quest for a frosty cool one?

A recent study did a 50 state comparison on the amount of bars alongside the population that live in American cities. And Montana came in second place with the most bars per capita.

Photo courtesy of www.inforum.com

In first place? North Dakota, the state with the most alcohol establishments, equaling one bar for every 1,600 people. Wisconsin arrived in third, below that state was South Dakota in fourth place, Nebraska in 5th place, Iowa was 6th, and Wyoming in 7th place.

The state with the fewest bars per capita? Virginia. With one bar per 64,000 people. Rounding out the bottom five are New Hampshire, Mississippi, Georgia, and Arkansas.

When it comes to individual cities with the most watering holes, eight out of the top ten cities are in Wisconsin. La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Oshkosh are holding down the top three.