A study reveals that Montana, while we might have not have the foulest vocabulary, is one of the states that says "Please and Thank You" the least!

A research firm known as Marchex listened in on recorded phone calls of customer service lines to not only recall the amount of bad words used, but to also see if one state might be more courteous than the rest. Surprisingly, the Big sky state had a lack of gratitude compared to the surrounding areas across America.

Photo courtesy of Marchex

According to Marchex, The Top 5 “Most Courteous” states were: South Carolina (1st place), North Carolina (2nd place), Maryland (3rd place), Louisiana (4th place), and Georgia (5th place). And according to the chart above, we share the lower ranks with Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Indiana, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Odds are, this is one study that Montana is least thankful to read about. I wonder why?