This is nothing new for locals of Montana state. For every eye-roll each California license plate receives to the "Who cares! Go away!" responses on social media whenever we post a Hollywood celeb sighting in the area, it's a fact: Montana downright HATES California.

But is the loathing of the Golden State truly exaggerated? Maybe it could be just a bandwagon approach to fit in with the rest of the locals? According to Playboy, nope.

The adult website (who knew they had articles?) posted an animated gif that showed which state despises the other, and the answer is all too confirming.

For example:

  • Washington hates Oregon
  • Idaho loathes Washington
  • Wyoming throws shade at Colorado
  • And Montana despises California

See the full map of who hates who here.

People! Where's the love? And why so much hatred? Comment below.

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