A slow increase in gas prices hit the state this past week.Patrick Dehaan with GasBuddy.com said motorists should be prepared for a gas spike across the state in the next week:

"Across the state of Montana, there was a relatively slow increase of three cents per gallon with averages jumping to about $3.29 across the state," Dehaan said. "That's real comparable to the national average which jumped a little bit more 3.4 cents per gallon here in the last week. Some of the Rocky Mountain states remain the cheapest in the country. We'll probably see another small increase across the state in the week ahead as well."

Dehaan said Montana is one of the few places now that is still seeing prices under last year.

"What we're saying today nationally is the high water mark for this year," Dehaan said. "The same also true for Montana, although, so far, prices remain well under what they did last year. The national average, meanwhile, is 7 cents higher than it did a year ago."

Dehaan said the Montana gas price average is currently 30 cents cheaper than the national average.