I'm no expert in insurance fraud, but I know for a fact that this Montana couple did it 100% incorrectly.  

Great Falls, Montana residents Brandon Fondren and Adrianne Davenport had a fire in their apartment, and thankfully the local fire department rushed to get it out with swiftness.

Soon after, the couple filled out some insurance paperwork saying that their belongings were ruined in the fire. Problem is, there were a few eyebrow raising things in this report...

1. They filed for their insurance a little less than two weeks before the incident.

2. Eyewitnesses saw the couple move stuff out of their place just before the fire and placed them in a storage unit.

3. Cops found a can of gas in the storage unit, and a book entitled "Introduction to Fire Origin and Causes".

4. The man was suspected of arson many times before in the past.

5. Just as they were getting arrested, they had no idea their phone calls were being recorded, and they both agreed to "stick to the plan".

The couple are facing felony arson, felony criminal endangerment, and felony theft.

(Great Falls Tribune