The trailer for the new movie adaptation of 'Fault in Our Stars' debuted on the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend, and it seems that a Missoula, Montana bookworm is already having reserved thoughts about the films plotline based on the best selling novel.

Gregory Baird (ironically our fearless digital leader at Townsquare Media) has read the book and posted a review on Good Reads.

Boy, do I have a feeling I'm going to provoke a lot of anger among the Nerdfighter community with this. All I ask is that you hear me out.

I've read all of John Green's full-length, independently written novels (opting to skip all the collaborations and side projects). I find him to be a mostly charming, witty writer, but I've never obsessed over him the way his impressive legion of fans (called Nerdfighters) have. Clearly, I've enjoyed him enough to keep checking in every time he's published a new book, but there have been enough flaws or annoyances to keep me a little jaded about the experience. The Fault in Our Stars may have officially tipped the scales against Green for me. It's the first time I've really found myself irritated by a Green novel.


Here's hoping Hollywood can change his mind...and two-star rating! You can read his full review here. But first, a peek at what we can expect soon on the big screen...

Have you read the book? Do you agree with this local book reviewers opinion? How many of you are already standing in line for the movie adaptation of 'Fault in Our Stars'? Sound off in the comments below.

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