Last week we shared videos of UFO's in Montana, only to be greeted with the most views all month on our website as a result. We are learning more and more: Montana loves it when it's weird.

We soon became curious- if there are so many sightings of flying saucers in Big Sky Country, then there has to be some footage of Bigfoot in Montana. Right? I'm mean, you'd think so: lush trees, flowing rivers, four seasons. A Squatch's dream vacation. The answer is: "no". In fact, if Bigfoot ever saw the way he or she was represented in the following videos, he or she would probably never want to visit Montana. I'd be insulted too.

These are possibly the worst videos of a Bigfoot sighting ever filmed in the history of Bigfoot footage.

They make Harry and the Henderson's look like a true-to-life documentary. Seriously, that bad. From the acting, to the downright obvious. The sad fact is: no one has released any convincing Sasquatch footage from Montana state that we have found. That is, unless you are sitting on it (and if so, drop us a message!) Until then, we are left with these two "sightings".

The first is the only one that plays it off as real footage. The mysterious creature running across the street in the dark looks nothing like Bigfoot, more so a man who looks like he's late for his ride back out of the woods. There is just no denying that this one is a hoax, and a bad one at that.

The second, is really just a mockery of the Bigfoot phenomenon. It tries to play legit for the first ten seconds, but ends up becoming a Jack Links Jerky ad, but with no punchline.

This one is just stupid from the get-go..

Seriously. These were bad. And again, the only videos we could find on Youtube and other video sites. There has to be some better footage than this floating around out there.

Do you have any leads? Have you heard any stories of Bigfoot in Montana? Drop us a line in the comment section below.