Sometimes we come across a Facebook Fan page that is just too good not to recommend. This one just begged us to "like" it the moment we saw the title. Behold, "Missoula's Worst Drivers".

From the looks of it, this local page is just getting off it's humble beginnings (only 428 fans at the time of writing) but I'm certain that considering the way people drive in this town (.ie not well, not well at all.) this community won't have much trouble finding people willing to put local road ragers, tipsy travelers, and dumb ass drivers on blast.

Road Warriors of Missoula, unite! Anyone not driving with 10 and 2 on the wheel and looking both ways before crossing, you are now on notice. Hit up the official "Missoula's Worst Drivers" fan page and share your least favorite Zootown zig-zagger.