Any and all Missoula musical artists, from rockers to rappers and other genres in between, that have produced an official music video are now proudly displayed on this constantly updated list.

While we believe we have all of them featured below, we are certain there might be a few that have slipped through the cracks. PLEASE help us by adding links of locally produced music videos to the comments section so we can showcase them as well!

Get ready to enjoy the best of what Missoula musical talent has to offer (in alphabetical order)...


Ax Racoons

Buzz Records

Dodgy Mountain Men


Kira Means


Palace Athena

Rooster Sauce

Shaymlusly Elliterate

Traff The Wiz

Universal Choke Sign

Walking Corpse Syndrome

Which local video or artist is your favorite?  Shout 'em out! Let us know in the comments below.