Did you know that there is song written about Missoula by a national recording star? Apparently Jewel wrote a song about Missoula in 2010 when she was on tour and stopped here. On that tour she wrote a song for every city stop on her tour. The song Jewel wrote and sang highlights some of Missoula’s finest places.

  • When the world gets you down, all you have to do is head to Missoula. You see, the mountain air clears your mind. The Clark Fork River will cool you on a summer day, and of course, if you love fly fishing then this is the place.

  • According to the Missoula song, Charlie B’s is the local hang out, and we all love to cheer for the Griz and the Lady Griz. You can catch a movie at The Wilma or take a hike to the M. The University of Montana even gets a shout out at the end – “Missoula will even school ya.”