Missoula, Montana is BY FAR the most diverse city in the state with its influx of new and returning college students and businesses that attract a wide variety of people from different walks of life. However...some people in our little city just seem to stand out from the rest.

From politicians, to sports players. Chefs to musicians and everyone in between. So many qualities, and yet such little recognition for their efforts. That is, until now...

During the last few weeks of 2014 we reached out to the Missoula community to ask who, in their opinion, deserves to be honored with the Person of the Year award.  Take a moment, think about it....ok, let's reveal who you already might be thinking of:


Hank Green

Hi, I’m Hank. I live in (Missoula) Montana with my wife, my dog, and my cat and I really love simple, powerful ideas. I have produced videos for YouTube, NASA, and The Discovery Channel, but mostly I make videos for Nerdfighteria. I've also written for a variety of publications, including The New York Times, Scientific American, and Mental Floss Magazine. I make music, which you can get on iTunes or at DFTBA.com. It's quite silly, but also extremely serious. People are my favorite things...them and all of the amazing things we do together.

Hank Green started from humble beginnings with amateur recordings then soon ballooned not only in production value but also subscribers. Green's insanely brilliant charm and knowledge has garnered a well deserved YouTube fan base.

But don't take our word for it. Just read a few of these comments left behind by the ones who voted for him:

"He's encouraging and smart and helps to make learning fun for all students of all ages searching the internet for truth."


"He has millions of subscribers on YouTube, has started with his brother a charity, Project for Awesome, that last year raised over $800,000."


"Because he's awesome and nerdy and is helping bring science to the masses via YouTube. He is the Missoulian most famous for reducing global world suck."


"He works so hard to make the world a better place. I can not think of any one more deserving than this young man. He is incredible, he influences people all around the world to be better be, be more accepting, and to stop spreading hatred. He also tries his best to educate everyone. He is just one hell of a guy."


Hank, from all of us here at 107.5 Zoo FM, a huge congratulations! For everyone else slightly unfamiliar with Mr. Green's incredible videos, just take a peek at this playlist.

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