When it comes to capitalizing on the hype-y/fun tech news of the moment, we do our absolute best to stay unparalleled. Join 107.5 Zoo FM as we host our very own online Turntable.fm "Missoula Only" room and give everyone in our city a chance to party like they would downtown or even be the DJ they've always dreamed of being.. all from home instead!

What IS Turntable.fm?

It's seriously all the rage. According to Wired.com:

"It’s a browser-based chatroom that streams music based on the choices of a rotating cast of DJs drawn from whoever is in the room. There are up to five DJs at any one time who create playlists; the station cycles through the playlists one song at a time, moving from one DJ’s pick to the next, as the room votes on how “lame” to “awesome” the track is." "A (sometimes fast-moving) discussion takes place in a chatroom on the bottom right of the screen. DJs get points for picking popular songs and if enough people think a song is lame, it skips to the next. You can upload songs or search through the Medianet-powered library to create your playlist when it’s your turn to DJ."

Imagine this. A Missoula dance party on your computer where you'll be chatting with people all around the 406 area code (plus your favorite Zoo FM DJ's) while listening and dictating the music playing for everyone in town to hear. Even YOU can hop up on the decks and play some music for us to jam out to! Zoo FM will even kick in some Zootown VIP points to the best DJ of the night. I've personally hosted a few rooms before on turntable.fm before and they are so fun. The best way to describe it is it's like an old school AOL chat room meets Jelli, meets World Of Warcraft vs. Pandora.

This fun little "locals-only" experiment will take place on a night that most of our fans will be home and waiting for the weekend to arrive anyway. We figure this Tuesday, July 19th at 10:00pm Mountain Time would be the best night to host one. Get reminders and updates by "liking" us on Facebook.

Until Tuesday, anyone can START NOW and have fun mingling as well as DJing your favorite songs in the turtntable.fm/missoula permanent room (which you should bookmark).  Sign up is a quick Facebook Connect away. But remember, we will all have to wait for next Tuesday, 10:00pm to really have some fun!