Nights are getting cooler, harvest is just around the corner, and the time is perfect to squeeze in one more adventure - getting yourself out of Missoula’s toughest maze! The Missoula Maze is opening for its latest season with a redesigned corn and hay bale maze. They guarantee you’ll get lost!

Created with hundreds of large square bales and a corn field where the stalks are over your head, the maze is the perfect place for an afternoon of adventure. The maze starts with pathways going every direction between rows of hay bales. After reaching the tower, the path winds out into the corn field. There the spiraling twists and turns will challenge everyone’s sense of direction. After conquering the corn maze, visitors must find their way back through a different section of hay maze to get out through the finish.

Be warned: They designed this maze to stump even the best. Should you bring the kids? Definitely! Just don’t send them into the maze alone. And if you don’t enjoy being lost, be sure to pick up one or two of our clue sheets. For those wanting the ultimate challenge, try out the NIGHT MAZE starting in October. After dark, the maze goes ‘clueless’ with all markers removed. Will you need any hints to get through? Bring your flashlight and find out!

The maze is located located at 1010 Clements Road, in Missoula. More information can be found at We’ll see you at the maze!