In my short time on this Earth, I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the U.S. and the world... I’ve noticed a few things in my travels. The TSA agents in Missoula are some of the nicest ANYWHERE…HANDS DOWN!!

Flying out of Las Vegas or LA you are cordoned off like farm animals, orders are barked at you, and the friendly “Hello! How are you?” is NOT the norm.

One morning, as I was getting checked through security at MSO, I asked the TSA agent how she was. To my surprise, not only did she respond, she looked me in the eyes, then asked me how I was doing. We even had a mini conversation about the color of nail polish I was wearing and how I liked the new shellac polish.

Maybe it’s because of the volume of people at LAS and LAX must deal with.

The other observation on my recent trip…as I was washing my hands in the restroom near our three gates at MSO, a fellow bathroom goer started a conversation with me about the crazy pressure of water spouting from the sink.

Careening myself through the luggage and other potty goes at the Las Vegas Airport (and at my layover in Seattle), I said excuse me as I weaved through traffic, even smiled at women…and nothing…rarely a smile back…hmmmm. Do you think my random smile made them nervous, wondering why on Earth I would smile at a stranger? Or were they simply caught off guard?

So what have we learned here…

  1. The world needs more Montanans to spread the love and kindness.
  2. It’s OK to talk to strangers (when you’re above the age of 14).
  3. SMILE MORE…and make eye contact…you never know whose day you might make a little better!